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Equipment Needs

Cross-country mountain bike racing does require some equipment.  The type and fit of the equipment goes a long way towards an enjoyable race season so work with us to make sure your athlete is getting the optimal equiipment.  NICA offers discounts on equipment through agreements with major bike equipment manufactures for registered riders so talk to us before you buy. 


Required Equipment - 

Bike - There are certain NICA requirements for the bike so review the chapter 4 of the NICA Rulebook on the NICA website (link to NICA website is found on our Home page) or talk with us.  Most requirements are safety based...working brakes, handle bar plugs, no bar ends, no single speeds, etc.  


Helmet - It is a NICA policy that helmets must be worn any time your leg is over your saddle.  Failure to do so can lead to race disqualification.


Kit (aka Jersey) - Hutch Tigers Cycling has a reputation of having some of the coolest kits in the MN League.  These high quality kits are very functional as they are made of highly breathable material with saddle pads and water bottle pockets.


Water Bottles/Pack - Hydration is key during workouts and races so some means of carrying water with you is needed.


Optional Equipment - 

Glasses - Trails are often dusty and for UV protection glasses are strongly suggested.


Repair Kit - Spare tube, air pump and multi-tool can help if you have a breakdown during a race.  We will review the changing of tires and a chain repair during the season.


Gloves - Gloves help in the racing/riding experiance as they can increase grip and reduce potential for blistering.  Plus they can wipe the sweat out of your eyes as well if your really working hard!!


Cycling Shoes / Pedals - Cyclle specific shoes /pedals are often intimidating for new users but actually can help control the bike thus helping in safety.  Cycle specific shoes are entirely a personal choice but if the athlete choses to use them we will work with them get them acclimated to them.