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Volunteer opportunities are broken into two categories, race day volunteers and team volunteers.

Race day volunteers are critical for each race to occur.  The races can require up to 100+ volunteers working the race day so as a parent of a Hutch Tigers Cycling we will ask you to volunteer on race days.  Since the day is broken down into 4 different group races there's ample time to watch your kid race and volunteer for another race.

Team volunteers range from Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Ride/Practice Leaders, Team Director, Team Logistics Coordinator, Team Fundraiser.  The definitions of those roles are below...

Head Coach - Head Coach is a level 3 NICA certified coach.  Head coach is responsible for establishing the team schedule, represents the team to the league and community, leads all other positions in their duties.

Assistant Coach - Assistant Coach is a level 2 or 3 NICA certified coach.  Assistant coach is responsible for assisting the Head Coach in practice preparation and execution, assists in representing the team to the league and community and  substitutes for the Head Coach whenever the Head Coach is not available.

Ride/Practice Leaders - Ride/Practice Leaders are Level 1 or greater NICA certified coaches  They help setup practices and relay the Head Coach messages to the athletes.  All in all they help make practices run smoothly and work directly with the athletes.

Coach Reimbursement Policy per Hutch Tigers Cycling Minutes 3-19-2019

* All coaches need to attend 15 out of the 40 events to be fully reimbursed for the coaches fee, background studies. 

* Coaches who attend the leaders summit need to attend 15 events and 3 races to be fully reimbursed. 

 * All Reimbursements will be given once all requirements are met. 

Team Director/Coordinator

  • If a Level 3 NICA Certified Coach fills this role, the position is referred to as Team Director and they will be responsible for all duties below.

  • In all other cases, this position is referred to as Team Coordinator.  In that case, the Team Director level duties marked below with an "*" will fall to the Head Coach. 

Team Director*/Coordinator...​

  • *Maintains NICA Pit Zone for the Hutchinson Tiger Cycling.

  • *Maintains team health records for race day communications with League

  • Maintains attendance at practice and during events as needed.

  • Works with the Head coach and Assistant Head coach to develop the entire seasons training schedule including practice objectives.

  • Is capable of managing all aspects of practice when the head coach or assistant head coach is unable to attending practice.

  • Maintains organized and efficient records of all activities for future Team Coordinators 

  • Maintain and organize team kits (jerseys).

  • Maintain records of team's baseline concussion testing.

  • Meet at least Level 1 NICA Licensing requirements

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator...

  • Supply all parents, athletes and coaches with the required information to ensure a smooth season and effective communication about all the various schedules and events.

  • Manages all team activities including;

    • Transportation scheduling

    • Meals including carb feeds

    • Lodging suggestions

    • Race or Practice location

    • Race or Practice Scheduling

    • Manage setup and breakdown of tents and equipment at races.

  • Maintains organized and efficient records of all activities for future Logistics Coordinators​

  • Meet at least Level 1 NICA Licensing requirements


Fundraising Coordinator

  • Ensures that all available opportunities for raising funds are successfully exploited and maintained, contributing to the financial viability and overall sustainability of the HTCA.

    • Develop and implement a fundraising plan for the organization

    • Develop goals and projects  for fundraising

    • Identify and develop suitable fundraising opportunities, new projects and funds

    • Monitor fundraising progress and report to the HTCA

  • Writes compelling grants and proposals to corporate, foundations and government funders.

    • Monitor and report results of grants to the HTCA

  • Maintains organized and efficient records of all activities and contacts for future Fundraising Coordinators.

  • Meet at least Level 1 NICA Licensing requirements

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