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What are the team commitments?  As with most organized sporting endeavors, there are monetary and time commitments. 


The teams registration costs, coach training fees and team equipment are covered by the teams fundraising events.  The costs that the individual must cover for participation are made up of MN League Fees (typically $50/season), Individual Race Fees (typically $40/race), kit/jersey fees (typically $150-$200) and Equipment costs (bike and helmet are required).  There are scholarships available through the MN League and we can help find a bike so please work with us if the fees/equipment portions are a hurdle.  


For more specifics on Equipment please visit the Equipment page under the Team Info Tab.


Hutch Tigers Cycling is a team.  Granted mountain bike racing is a great individual sport but it's also a difficult sport.  Due to to the physical taxation of the sport, team camaraderie is critical to the individual therefore the team's success.  The strive for team camaraderie drives Hutch Tigers Cycling attendance policy.  We understand people are busy and have many other priorities.  Thus to maximize the flexibility for the athletes/families yet keeping the team intact, we ask that athletes commit to attending 1/2 of all required events.  That way we can ensure that we achieve a team of safe/fit mountain bike racers.


For specifics on the Team Attendance Policy please visit the Team Policy page under the Team Info Tab.

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