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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?


The team registration costs, coach fees and team equipment are covered by the teams fundraising events.  The costs that the individual must cover for participation are made up of Minnesota Cycling Association (typically $100/season), individual race fees (typically $50/race) with race discount packages available, kit/jersey fees (typically $50-$200) and equipment costs (bike and helmet are required).  There are scholarships available through the Minnesota Cycling Association and we can help find a bike so please work with us if the fees/equipment portions are a hurdle.  Please note fees are subject to change.


Isn't Mountain Bike racing a high speed, downhill, extreme sport? How can you MOUNTAIN bike in Minnesota?

There are many disciplines of bike racing.  Specifically we are a cross-country mountain bike race team. Think cross-country running but on wheels. Check out the video on the Home page, that's a good example of what we do.  The trails are typically cross-country ski trails that twist and turn throughout woods, hills and prairie.  Minnesota's varied terrain is ideal since it's not too much up and too much down, it's just right.  This is truly a great way to enjoy Minnesota's great outdoors in the summer and fall months!!  What better way to avoid mosquito's then to fly by them on a bike!!


A bike? I have to buy a bike??

This is bike racing so, yes you will need a bike...That said, we have numerous examples of people acquiring bikes on the cheap or borrowing bikes until they are hooked in this booming sport. Talk to us so we can work something out as we've ALL been there and a majority of us had someone there to help get us into the sport. Let's work on that hurdle together.

I just want to ride a bike, do I have to race?

Give racing a try. This is a high school/middle school venue. It's meant to be a growing experience, not a professional competition. Races are like life, you get out what you put into them. No need to feel disappointed if you're not on the podium, just finishing some of these races is an accomplishment, ask any one of our coaches or participants! You'll be tired after a race for sure but there's nothing like saying "I did it!" after a tough race. If you really are intimidated by the thought of racing a bike, let's talk as there are ample opportunities to try a race out before committing to the team. There are local mountain bike enthusiast in the Hutchinson and surrounding area that we can put you in touch with them if you really only want to ride your bike when you want to, and don't want to commit to regularly attending a structured team training/racing schedule.


How do I try Mountain Biking out?

There are multiple possibilities...The team often has a Try It Out Session in the pre-season, check the team calendar. Next, Hutchinson has a Mountain Bike Club called HAMBA (Hutchinson Area Mountain Bike Association) that typically has weekly rides.  HAMBA is an ideal way to checkout what mountain biking is all about without committing to the Hutch Tigers Cycling and the Minnesota Cycling Association.

What's a race like?

Please see our Races page under the Team Info tab and check out the video on the Home page.


Cycling is an individual sport, why do I have to practice with the team?

Competitive cycling is more a difficult sport then it is an individual sport. Team support is critical to the success of each other. Plus it's just so much more fun to experience things as a group!!


Do I have to try out for the team?  Do I get to race every race?


EVERYBODY gets to race!  No matter if you are a seasoned veteran with 100+ races under your belt or a first time racer, everybody gets to race.  Only thing holding you back would be team disciplinary violations and/or injuries.


Is lettering available?


Yes, the Hutch Tigers Cycling Club offers lettering through Hutchinson High School.  See our Varsity Lettering Policy on the Team Policies page under the Team Info tab.

What if I can't make it to a race or practice?


Our attendance policy is found in the Team Policies Page under the Team Info tab.  We realize that families have many priorities especially during the busy summer months.  Thus we allot a certain amount of self managed absences for each season.  Missing an exorbitant amount above and beyond the allotment can lead to team dismissal.

What does it take to be a coach on the team?

There are various levels to coaching requirements that need to be met prior to our coaches being able to attend events.  At a minimum all coaches need to meet background checks and take a basic safety class online.  General Volunteers, Ride Leaders, Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches each require increasing levels of qualifications which can be found on the Minnesota Cycling Association website.

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